Dashcam released as the passenger records chase as Woodward street racer flees from Berkley police

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A 19-year-old Detroit man was racing vehicles on Woodward Avenue on Wednesday night, his passenger was recording – and continued to do so when police tried to stop him.

A 19-year-old from Detroit is facing charges stemming from a police chase on Woodward Avenue in Berkley. A passenger in his car recorded him racing and fleeing police.

Police say Aaron Bryant was going 81 in a 45 mph zone and racing other vehicles when a Berkley officer spotted him near 12 Mile around 9:45 p.m. The officer tried to stop Bryant, but he fled.

In the video recorded by a passenger, someone inside Bryant's car could be heard repeatedly saying, "He finna chase us," while someone else laughs.

Bryant ran two red lights as he ran from police on Woodward. The chase continued onto 12 Mile, and then onto Brookline – but ended within 37 seconds after he hit a curb and had to stop.

A passenger could be heard repeating Bryant's name as he hit the curb.

"I'm caught, bro," Bryant said as he stopped and put his hands out of the window.

"They lost control and hit the median, basically disabling the car," said Detective Lt. Andrew Hadfield with Berkley police. "So he had to stop."

Bryant was arrested and charged with third-degree fleeing and eluding police –a five-year felony– and a misdemeanor for drag racing. He is currently under house arrest.

While his car was being impounded, police found that the incident was being recorded, and obtained a warrant to access the videos.

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