Volusia Sheriff helps arrest man accused of driving off from traffic stop

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A man who drove away from a traffic stop in Deltona was arrested Thursday in Daytona Beach with the help of Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, who was off duty at the time, according to deputies.

According to the sheriff’s office, a deputy tried to pull over Michael Becht, 23, at the intersection of Catalina and Howland boulevards in Deltona around 8 p.m. Investigators said Becht was driving with a Mercedes with a temporary tag that was obscured by a cover plate.

According to a news release, the deputy asked Becht to pull over into a nearby parking lot so that they would not block traffic. Body camera video shows the exchange between Becht and the deputy and the driver appears to agree to pull over; however, as the deputy heads back to his cruiser, the Mercedes takes off.

Deputies said Becht drove down Catalina Boulevard and got onto Interstate 4. The sheriff’s office helicopter followed the Mercedes. Video from the helicopter shows the car swerving through traffic and running at least one red light.

The video shows the Mercedes get boxed in by traffic at the intersection of Nova and Beville roads. In the video, Chitwood arrives on the scene in an unmarked vehicle, which he uses to block in the Mercedes.

In body camera video, the sheriff is seen approaching the car in shorts and a T-shirt and asking the driver to get out of the vehicle. Deputies with their guns drawn also approach the car and they, along with the sheriff, guide the man to the ground.

Deputies said Becht confessed and apologized as he was handcuffed.

“This was for the dumbest reason of all time, too,” Becht can be heard saying in the bodycam video.

“I know, you could have killed 15 people within the last couple of minutes,” Chitwood is heard saying in response on the video.

The man can then be heard explaining that he did not want his car taken from him.

Becht faces charges of fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement and driving with a suspended license.

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