Body-cam video shows Chandler police evacuating families from apartment fire

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New body-cam footage shows Chandler police evacuating families from a raging apartment fire last week.

The fire happened on June 18 at an apartment complex near Alma School and Warner roads. Audio from a 911 call is played as Chandler police officers drive to the fire. “My apartment’s on fire!” the caller says. “Is everybody out?” dispatch asks. “No, my mom is still... my mom’s on the floor. She can’t get up!” the caller yells. “I can’t get her out!”

Body-cam video then shows Chandler police sprinting to the second-story apartment with bright orange flames burning in the doorway. A woman and a man are at the top of the stairs. “I can’t walk,” the woman says, and police officers lift her legs and back to carry her down the stairs away from the burning unit. Other family members follow.

“We got to get people out of this unit,” a Chandler police officer says as officers run back upstairs with a fire extinguisher in hand and knock on a unit next to the burning apartment. “Chandler Police, get out now!” the officer yells as they bang on the door. Two people and a pet evacuate the unit, and police officers follow down the stairs, coughing from the smoke.

“We’ve evacuated all four here,” a Chandler police officer tells firefighters, who have arrived on the scene. Moments later, flames shoot out from inside the unit, and the apartment, including the patio, is engulfed in fire. Firefighters quickly extinguish the blaze. It is not known what caused the fire.

Chandler police say the actions of these officers protected the lives of several families, and their first responders are willing and ready to risk their lives to protect and serve the people of Chandler.

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