Yeti Airlines plane crashes in Nepal with 72 people on board

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A Yeti Airlines plane crashes in Nepal with 72 people on board. Video
At least 29 dead, 15 foreigners on board, including a Frenchman

A plane with 72 people on board crashed today January 15, 2023 in Nepal. This was reported by local authorities and a spokesman for Yeti Airlines. There would be "at least 29 dead" but also some survivors: "So far we have recovered 29 bodies and have also sent some survivors to the hospital" for treatment, said Gurudatta Dhakal, deputy head of Kaski district in central Nepal where the 'aircraft. Among the passengers registered on board there are fifteen foreign nationals, including a Frenchman. These are five Indian nationals, four Russians, two Koreans, one Australian, one Argentinian, one Irish and one Frenchman, Sudrashan Bardaula of Yeti Airlines reported. The plane crashed between the old and new airport in Pokhara in central Nepal. The cabin was on fire and rescue workers were trying to put out the flames, local official Gurudutta Dhakal said.

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