Always a disgruntled wildcat.

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This is the only wild cat that is similar in size to a domestic one. At the same time, it is the only representative of cats that cannot be tamed.

The misanthrope's appearance made this little stuffed predator a favorite of the Russian-speaking Internet and the hero of numerous memes.
These animals are not amenable to taming, they do not come into contact with humans. At best, they are tolerated. And if someone intrudes into the pet's personal space, the predator, usually non-aggressive, can become very dangerous, using sharp claws and dangerous fangs that are almost three times longer than a normal cat.

The price of a kitten starts from $10,000, but a wild cat can never feel comfortable in an apartment. Heating has a disastrous effect on him. In its habitats, in particular in Transbaikalia, there are frosty and sunny winters. This is the optimal climate for Manul. There are no bacteria and viruses that are deadly for it. In captivity, manulas, especially young ones, easily catch toxoplasmosis, from which they die.

The fur of the animal is considered the most fluffy and thickest among cats. Up to 9 thousand hairs grow on one square centimeter. In length, they reach 7 centimeters.

On the territory of Russia, the cat lives in Siberia, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Transbaikalia, Tuva and Altai. You can find it both in Mongolia and in China.

Manul appeared on Earth about 10-12 million years ago. He is a contemporary of the saber-toothed tiger, which he was able to survive without undergoing any special evolutionary changes.

Manul lives in rock crevices, small caves, under rocks, in old burrows of marmots, foxes, badgers, and comes out of them mainly at dusk and early in the morning, including hunting. Because of its short paws, the cat does not like deep, loose snow, and runs slower than a human (there is such a moment in the video). 
If a cat is petted, it purrs like a normal cat but does not know how to meow. 

Manul-the male starts relationships with females once a year. A date is necessarily accompanied by mating rivalry among males and ends in a bloodbath.
After such a wedding night, the female manula gives offspring in 60 days. Gives birth to an average of two to six blind and helpless kittens. Already in 3-4 months, babies can hunt independently, and at 10 they become adults and go to live separately on their own territory.

The cat usually lives in the mountains at an altitude of 4000 meters and tolerates frosts up to -50C well.

Song 'Cats' old Soviet band 'Primus', 1988.

Go to yourself passerby, as you went,
Leave the stray cat alone.
What makes you think it's going to be okay
Should he purr under a warm hand?
We are cats. We are not tigers, we are not lions,
Only your faith makes us related.
We trusted people, but alas - 
You are out of the cat's trust.

It's your hands that are drowning us alive,
When we blindly poke our noses in the belly…
Is it you who burn our fur with fire,
And the cat's cry caresses your ear…
And those of us who survived and sprouted
Through fleas and dogs, 
They will respond without stingy cat tears,
There is no creature that is more evil than a human being!

We do not seek salvation in paradise -
After all, the Lord did not give us an afterlife,
But freedom is better for us than deception!
And you, twoleg, took her and betrayed her.
You deserve a curse from everyone,
Who you gave false gifts to.
Wasn't that what they took us on the ark for,
To then rot in a veterinary clinic…

As you can see, you and I are not on the same path!
Fate has not yet raised its scythe against us.
Ask those who moan while sitting behind the lock -
They are drawn to us by an unknown force.
After all, the sky will not replace the bird's cage,
An aquarium is not a drop of the ocean!
And sometimes it's better to die in a garbage dump,
Than to live in the captivity of doubt and deception.

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