Adorable toddler wakes up in night and covers shivering father in blanket

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This is the heartwarming moment an adorable toddler woke up in the night and covered her shivering father in a blanket.

The two-year-old girl Phringproud Vachiraya was seen waking up in the middle of the night before she crawled down from her bed while dragging a blanket in Pathum Thani province, Thailand.

CCTV footage shows the youngster walking to her father’s mattress and sweetly draping the red Mickey Mouse sheet over her father Warin Klinkliang, 25, who was deeply asleep.

After the adorable gesture, both of her parents woke up from the girl’s movements and smiled after realising what was happening.

Mother Kamonrat Padungpun, 26, said: ‘My daughter Phringproud watches my husband put on the same red blanket every night because our room is cold.

‘She must have been wondering why it was on her bed and her daddy appeared to be shivering. I am so proud of her for being a kind daughter.’

Her father Warin added: ‘I was so touched by my daughter. My wife was the first to wake up and told me about the blanket.

‘We watched our bedroom’s CCTV camera to see what happened and I was surprised that she walked towards me independently and put the blanket so I would not be cold.’

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