Installation of a Magnox Reactor in Italy - the first in Europe.

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Now then Caution: be careful wit this one, many people could learn Serbo-Croat easier than understand this old nuclear filum from Italy.. to those people I say 'pass-on by - this isn't for you' - sorry. I deliberately post this now for it's too long for the weekend but to the cognoscenti who enjoyed the Dounreay Nuclear pile building a few weeks back here's another classic of Europe's first ever Magnox pile being erected. If you like welding processes of 4 inch thick super steel you should like this.

The engineering aspect is simply awesome - to those so enamoured.. interesting snippets about heat being employed to keep the plates from failure (annealing, sort of). Got to like the engineers wood lined cubicle (09:49) .

Once the spark is ignited these vessels and instruments should never need to be seen again - hopefully.. especially since the ruckus at the Vladimir Lenin Power Station (more commonly known as Chernobyl) we've all become experts on nuke stuff and we've done all the D00M Wads.. so it's good to see how it all began - sort of. After watching this any of us could get a well paid posting..

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