Fairfax Body-cam Footage Shows Parking Lot Police Shooting That Killed Ex-Con

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Authorities have released bodycam footage in a Fairfax County parking lot police shootout that killed a 37-year-old ex-con who had been wanted for firing a stolen gun.

Video footage shows officers repeatedly telling Christian Parker sitting inside of a Volvo sedan at the Springfield Town Center parking lot on Thursday, June 30, as officers repeatedly tell him to show his hands.

Parker can be seen raising a gun as officers yell "he's got a gun," at which point officers yell "Drop your gun or you're going to get shot."

After giving more than 30 commands to show his hands and drop the gun, an officer saw Parker swing the gun from side to side with the barrel pointed toward the officers, police said.

That’s when the officers shot Parker, and continued yelling for him to his hands. Rescue was requested within 12 seconds of shots being fired.

Officers were unable to determine if Parker still had the gun in his hand, and so they tactically approached the locked car to remove him and render aid. They used baton to break the window, pull him out of the vehicle and provide medical attention.

Parker was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. The two officers who discharged their firearms a combined eight times, struck Parker six. The stolen firearm was found in the car.

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