Kendall County Sheriff’s deputies help rescue man trapped under lawn tractor in pond

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Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird is lauding the efforts of two sheriff’s deputies who worked with Plainfield Fire Department personnel to rescue a man on Oct. 11 after he became pinned under a lawn tractor in a small pond in Oswego Township.

Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy David Angerame found the man pinned underneath the lawn tractor with his face barely above the waterline, according to a news release from the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office. He then climbed into the water and noticed the tractor was sinking into the mud and dragging the man further under the water.

Angerame attempted to stabilize the lawn tractor to keep it from sinking further while holding the man’s head above the water to ensure he was able to breathe, according to the release. Plainfield Fire Department personnel arrived on the scene and began developing a plan to free the man.

Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputy Philip Lynch also arrived on the scene and entered the water to assist as well. Deputies along with Plainfield Fire Department personnel were able to move the lawn tractor and Lynch pulled the man out from under the lawn tractor.

The man was not injured.

“Our deputies are always ready to respond to any public safety emergency,” Baird said in the release. “This is a great example of the dedication our deputies have to our community. Deputies Angerame and Lynch were able to work together with the Plainfield Fire Department to ensure the situation was resolved quickly and safely.”

Baird talked about the strong community partnership and the “great interagency collaboration we have with area first responder agencies that produce these positive outcomes.”

“As a community, we are lucky to have first responders who are ready to spring into action to help others in their times of need,” he said in the release.

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