Salt Lake City body cam footage released following death of suspect in police custody

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0:00 - 911 call
2:59 - Body cam 1
5:07 - Body cam 2
8:36 - Body cam 3
13:09 - Body cam 4
16:56 - Body cam 5
22:56 - Body cam 6
28:58 - Body cam 7
32:41 - Body cam 8
37:21 - Body cam 9
The Salt Lake City Police Department has released body-worn camera footage from an officer-involved critical incident that happened in mid-August.

Officers caught the suspect fleeing from a robbery attempt near 356 West 700 South on August 14.

According to police, the suspect resisted detainment efforts by two of the responding officers. Those officers sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Police said that the suspect lost consciousness after being detained. Following this, officers performed chest compressions and administered naloxone (which rapidly reverses an opioid overdose.)

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown praised the officers involved, and said his department will use this situation as a teaching tool for other officers.

“Our police officers come to work every day to protect our community. In the face of great stress, danger, and uncertainty, they are trained to remain professional and show strength and resiliency” said Police Chief Mike Brown.

“We are committed to carefully reviewing the investigative findings in this case. As a forward-thinking department, we will use those findings to evaluate our policies, training, and procedures to continue ensuring we are making our city safer.”

The body-worn camera footage shows the suspect being noncompliant with the officers. The suspect is then seen reaching for the gun holster of one of the officers. Once detained, the officers encouraged the suspect to calm down and began preparing a safety restraint device. Officers began performing medical aid just a minute later.

The suspect was then transported to the hospital. The Police Department was informed of his death less than an hour later.

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