Those trumpturds...

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A furious truck trumpturd driver ran over his cousin (a.k.a.girlfriend) legs during a road rage fight on an Alaskan highway.
Jesse Kueber, 33, of Fairbanks, had been arguing with the victim, who has not been named, before they both got into separate vehicles.
Kueber had allegedly been trying to ram his cousin ("girlfriend's" car) off the road before they stopped in the middle of the Steese Highway to continue the shouting match.
Video was taken by witness driving behind the couple shows the girlfriend holding onto the driver's side door handle of Kueber's car before he puts his foot down suddenly, accelerating sharply away.
The girlfriend, who has not been named, is tugged forward by the vehicle and unable to cling on, she falls onto the road.
The old GMC truck, veering off to the left, then careers over her legs as the man filming in the car behind is heard gasping and most importantly, no repeating over and over again the utterly annoying and irritating words of "alla fockbar" or "omg" (same shite!)
She appears to be unable, or unwilling, to move and cries out in pain throughout the rest of the video.
Witnesses called 911 and State Troops arrived to arrest Kueber.
The woman's injuries were not disclosed in the Trooper dispatch.
Kueber was jailed at the Fairbanks Correctional Center on charges of assault in the first degree, criminal mischief in the third degree, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and the most important charge if them all, being a worthless trumpturd still idolizing his loser and beloved ex-"leader"

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