Shocked woman finds snake lurking on her toilet

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A shocked woman found a baby python lurking on her toilet in Thailand.

Wanpen Kwong, 44, opened the lid of the bowl to sit down and relieve herself when she noticed the snake in Saraburi province.

The housewife rushed outside and called the animal rescuers who found the 2ft-long reptile still clinging to the pipe behind the toilet.

It was easily caught by the team as it was not aggressive. No one was also reported hurt including the sneaky baby reptile.

The house owner Wanpen said: ‘I don’t know how it entered the bathroom. There could be a nest nearby so we must do a deep clean of the house.’

One of the rescue volunteers used a pole with a hook to secure the snake which did not resist upon being pinned down by the tool.

The snake wrangler then held the snake gently and checked it for injuries but it was generally healthy so they took it out of the house.

It was placed inside a sack and taken by the rescuers to be released later into the wild.

Rescue wrangler Boonsong Chen said: ‘The snake was not venomous and still a juvenile but it already had fangs so its bite hurt.

‘Residents did the right thing to contact us instead of handling the snake even if it was still a baby. They could also hurt the animal if not properly handled.’

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