Scooter pursuit suspect tried to escape in a trucks trailer after going wrong way on the highway

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Traffic video from the Minnesota Department of Transportation shows a person on a scooter driving the wrong way on busy a metro road Tuesday morning. Police have since confirmed that the rider was arrested following a pursuit.

The incident happened in Brooklyn Center in the area of Interstate 694 and Highway 252.

At first, the motor scooter operator is seen driving the wrong way on the highway before eventually being chased by law enforcement on the correct side of the highway.

At one point, it appears the suspect ditched the scooter and tried to flee in the trailer of a passing truck. However, the driver of the truck pulled over to the side of the road for troopers.

According to Minneapolis police, officers with the 4th Precinct first observed the person riding the moped without license plates. Officers believed the driver was a suspect wanted in connection with other crimes.

Officers attempted to stop the moped operator at the Dowling Avenue on ramp to Interstate 94 in north Minneapolis, but the driver fled.

Officers shared the information with the Minnesota State Patrol, who tracked the suspect to Brooklyn Center, where they were eventually arrested. The moped was also confirmed to be stolen.

According to police, the 18-year-old suspect has been booked into jail on multiple warrants, fleeing an officer and stealing the moped.

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