LAPD uses 40 mm less-lethal projectile on a woman armed with a 17.5-inch machete

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On July 26, 2023, around 8:00 a.m., 77th Street Division uniformed patrol officers responded to a radio call of an Assault with a Deadly Weapon suspect they're now armed with a machete, at the Shell Gas station located in the 4400 block of South Figueroa Boulevard.

When the officers arrived, they encountered the suspect, later identified as 33-year-oldJacinta Johnson, standing on the sidewalk across the street from the location with a machete visible in her waistband. The officers gave repeated verbal commands to Johnson, which she failed to comply and suddenly armed herself with the machete. One officer fired a single 40mm Less-Lethal projectile toward Johnson, striking her in the upper stomach area. Johnson immediately dropped the machete on the sidewalk and was taken into custody without further incident.

The Los Angeles Fire Department personnel responded to the scene and transported Johnson to a local hospital, where she was treated for her injury sustained during the use of force. Due to Johnson’s injuries, she was admitted into the hospital. An approximately 17.5–inch machete, with a plastic handle, was recovered at the scene and booked as evidence. No officers or other citizens were injured during this incident.

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