NYPD bodycam shows officer save a blind dog from drowning in a frigid pond

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A blind dog that police said was drowning in a pond in New York now has a second chance at life thanks to two officers who rushed to help the animal.

Police body camera footage shared by the New York Police Department on Thursday shows the dog, Sparky, an 8-year-old Border Collie, stuck in Baisley Pond, which is located in Queens.

Authorities said Officers Williams and Esposito from the 113 Precinct responded to the scene and "entered the frigid water" to rescue the dog after the department received multiple calls about a dog in distress.

In the footage, the dog is stuck in what appears to be tall vegetation growing in the pond. The animal can be heard softly whimpering and grunting.

One of the officers uses a stick to clear weeds and approaches the shivering dog. He assures the animal everything will be alright.

"Hey, pup! Pup, you're OK, you're OK," the officer says in the video."

The officer then grabs the dog, pulls it out of the muck, and trudges out of the water.

After making his way onto land, the officer places the dog on the ground and checks in with his fellow officer before catching his breath.

"I can't feel anything," the officer wearing the body camera says in the video, referencing his body's reaction to the cold water.

Knowing the dog is also freezing, the two officers place the dog in the backseat of the cruiser and keep it warm with a what appears to be one of their jackets.

"Blast the heat," one of them says before the video ends.

Police said the dog was then taken to a vet for evaluation and reunited with its owner.

The officers received praise from their department, as well as other departments in nearby states.

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