Body cam shows moments Oklahoma County deputies catch woman who stole fire truck

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Body camera video showed the moments Oklahoma County deputies caught up with a woman who, they said, stole a fire truck.

It was a truck that belonged to the Choctaw Fire Department. It was a rescue truck that officials said was outside, unlocked with the keys in the ignition, while firefighters were cleaning their equipment.

The suspect, a 36-year-old woman who investigators described as homeless, jumped inside and drove off, leading authorities on a high-speed chase all over eastern Oklahoma County. KOCO 5 is not naming the woman at this time because she has not been formally charged.

Eventually, she stopped. Footage shows multiple officers struggling to get her into handcuffs.

The woman seemed to lose unconsciousness. The woman came to once in the back of the SUV, where she told deputies her name and asked for water, which they got for her and then helped her drink.

KOCO 5 still doesn’t know what her motivation was for stealing the truck. The jail said the suspect posted a $20,000 bond the day after her arrest and is no longer in custody.

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