Body cam video shows Kansas City officers rescuing women from fire

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Two Kansas City police officers are being recognized for their quick actions during an emergency.

The Kansas City Police Department tweeted to recognize officers Scott Summers and Dustin Dykstra, saying they were heading for a break on Aug, 31, when they noticed dark smoke in the distance.

The two South Patrol officers followed the smoke and ended up at Canyon Creek Apartments and Townhomes near East 93rd Street and Indiana Avenue.

The department released body camera video showing the officers arriving and running toward a burning apartment. Video shows the officers talking to two women who were stranded on a balcony with smoke billowing around them.

The department said the officers were able to help the women to safety before other first responders arrived at the fire.

At the time, firefighters said they used several ladders to reach second-floor balconies to rescue other people who were trapped by the fire.

The fire destroyed four apartments in the building.

Three people, including two firefighters, were treated for injuries or heat exposure following the fire, but none of the injuries were serious.

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