West Valley City police release bodycam of officer shooting at suspected DUI driver

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A man suspected of DUI was shot by a West Valley City police officer after he pointed a gun at her, police said Tuesday as they released body camera footage from the April shooting.

At about 10:31 p.m. on April 20, an officer called in to report that she was trying to stop a driver in a white van near 2400 S. Redwood Road who appeared to be driving while intoxicated, authorities said. The driver did not pull over and attempted to turn onto State Road 201, but he “failed to negotiate the turn,” then went over a curb and into a gravel embankment.

The officer followed and went over the curb as well. When she got out of her vehicle, the man was out of his van and facing her. She yelled “Police! Stop, stop, stop!” as the man appeared to reach into his waistband, the footage released Tuesday shows.

Police said the man drew a weapon, the officer drew hers and the two exchanged gunfire, though the man can’t clearly be seen firing his weapon in the body camera footage. At least three gunshots can be heard before the man falls to the ground as the officer moves behind her vehicle.

Two more shots ring out as the man attempts to extend his arm while on the ground, the footage shows. It’s unclear how many shots hit the man or how many shots the man fired at the officer, if any.

The officer next radios that shots have been fired and points her gun at the man while ordering him to stay down, the footage shows.

As she continues to order him to stay down, the man repeatedly responds, although what he says can’t clearly be heard on the footage.

“Stay down! Don’t reach! Stop! Stop reaching! Stay down! Get your hand out of your waistband! Hands up!” the officer yells to the man, who cannot be seen in this portion of the footage, as the officer remains partially behind her patrol car.

More officers soon arrive, the footage shows, and the firing officer warns that the man has a gun. The man again responds, but his words still can’t clearly be heard as officers approach.

“Stay down! Stop reaching!” the first officer yells. Arriving officers ask if anyone else is in the man’s vehicle, and the man says there isn’t. Police then order the man onto his stomach, and the footage ends.

Officials said Tuesday that the man was injured during the shooting and is recovering, but did not identify him or his injuries. The officer remains on paid administrative leave, per department policy regarding police shootings.

The Salt Lake County district attorney’s office will determine if the officer’s use of force was justified, and the city’s Professional Standards Review Board will determine if the use of force complied with department policy, officials said.

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