Body cam video shows fatal Lincoln Heights standoff shooting involving LAPD officers

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Body cam footage from a deadly standoff involving a man who shot three police officers in Boyle Heights in March was released Friday.

The suspect was identified as Jonathan Magaña, 32, a Los Angeles resident who was a wanted convicted felon on parole, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The shooting took place at a home on the 3800 block of North Broadway Street in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood. The suspect ran inside the home and barricaded himself, leading to a violent, hours-long standoff.

SWAT Team members and officers surrounded the home and called out to Magaña, but he refused to surrender. Eventually, a chemical agent was deployed in an attempt to get the suspect to come out peacefully.

“Unfortunately, that suspect responded to the chemical agent by opening the shed and opening fire on the officers,” said LAPD. “The officers then returned fire and as a result, three officers with the Metropolitan K-9 unit were struck.”

Body cam video from officers at the scene showed a barrage of gunfire exchanged between the suspect and officers, where multiple people were struck.

Magaña then retreated back into the home, where he remained as additional police and SWAT teams arrived at the scene.

When Magaña did not respond to surrender commands, SWAT teams deployed a robotic device equipped with a video camera into the room he was barricaded in.

The robot located Magana who appeared to be unresponsive. SWAT officers entered the room and took the suspect into custody.

Magaña had been struck multiple times by gunfire and was pronounced dead at the scene, said LAPD.

Two loaded handguns were recovered near the suspect — a 9 mm Polymer 80 semi-automatic “Ghost Gun” and a 9 mm Glock semi-automatic Model 43X, police said. A loaded extended high–capacity magazine was also found at the scene.

The three officers who were shot were transported to a local hospital and treated for their injuries. No other officers or bystanders were injured during the shootout.

The incident remains under investigation. Deadly use-of-force cases could take up to one year to complete as authorities interview witnesses and analyze evidence.

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