Car flips over bridge following police pursuit; 2 teens arrested

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A high-speed police chase in north Minneapolis ended when motorists went off an overpass bridge and crashed.

The Minnesota State Patrol says a driver in a stolen Kia was speeding on Interstate 94 near Broadway Avenue around 7 a.m. The trooper tried to make a traffic stop as the driver exited to Dowling Avenue, but the driver failed to stop.

Instead, the car fled and got back on northbound Interstate 94, lost control of the vehicle, and crashed over an overpass bridge.

Police say the car was going 94 mph at the time of the crash.

Officials say two teens fled from the car. The driver is 14 years old, and the passenger is 15 years old. They crossed the highway below, but were taken into custody without incident.

They suffered non-life threatening injuries, the state patrol says.

From above, the fencing is smashed where the Kia crashed through. It's where Ann Holborn walks her dog daily.

"I'm astounded. I can't believe they're OK. That is a big fall, and it looks terrible," Holborn said.

The video shows the 14-year-old driver and 15-year-old passenger get out and run. Police caught up with the boys and took them into custody.

Brett Buckner with Seeds to Harvest works with youth to find purpose and positive outlets. He says seeing the chase and crash is alarming.

"We've got to deal with, how do we start to reach young people," Buckner said. "Kids are just trying to say, 'I feel alive, I feel exhilarated. I'm able to do certain things.' And we have to find different ways to be able to really uplift our kids."

He says this tells him we need to do better.

"More than anything else, let's stop waiting for tragedies and incidents like this to try to deal with a lot of the key issues," Buckner said.

The teens could face charges of fleeing from police and stealing a car. The case is still under investigation.

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