Doctor goes viral with ‘body hacks’ – including how to SEE IN THE DARK and how to banish hiccups for good

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A doctor has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a host of tips on how to “hack” our bodies – including how we can see in the dark, and get rid of hiccups for good.

Anthony Youn shared the intriguing tricks with his 5.1 million followers on TikTok (@tonyyounmd), who were stunned by how easy the hacks were.

Filming himself in the two-part video, Anthony started with a relatively simple hack: “To get rid of hiccups, put two fingers right on your wrist crease and press down while you hold your breath for a few seconds.”

Next, Anthony explains how best to eavesdrop.

He said: “Try listening with your right ear and not your left – your right ear is connected to the left side of your brain which processes speech and language.

In another piece of advice, Anthony claims you can even trick your body into being able to see better in the dark.

He explained: “To see at night, keep one eye closed while you turn the light on at night, and that way when the light turns on when you open that eye the pupil is still dilated and you’ll be able to see in the dark.”

For those who suffer with brain freeze, the doctor has a simple trick: pushing your tongue up to the roof of your mouth for several seconds.

He said: “That will warm your palette and make your brain freeze go away.”

In a second video, Anthony continued with a key piece of advice for students revising a big test.

He said: “Here’s a way to supercharge your brain – go over your notes right before you go to sleep and your brain’s going to help you remember it the next morning.”

For the pesky moment when you have a tickle in your throat, his advice is equally easy: simply scratch at your ear and the tickle should go away.

Meanwhile, for people preparing to get an injection or vaccine and are worried about the pain, Anthony recommends scratching at the area that is about to get jabbed – which he says will confuse the nerves and make it not hurt.

For itchy mosquito bites, the doctor says there is a simple fix: applying antiperspirant to the area, which will relieve the itch.

The popular posts racked up over 390,000 views combined, as well as 77,000 likes.

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