Domestic violence suspect fired over 400 rounds at Tucson SWAT team in shootout before killing himself

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A violent confrontation between a Tucson SWAT team and a wanted individual, as reported by the Pima County Regional Critical Incident Team, resulted in the suspect taking his own life after firing hundreds of rounds on March 10.

At about 9:45 a.m., Tucson police were following up on an investigation of 38-year-old Jesus Mendivil regarding a recent report of domestic violence, according to the team of investigators spearheaded by Pima County Sheriff's Department and Oro Valley Police.

Tucson police had enough probable cause to arrest Mendivil on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to investigators, Tucson officers observed Mendivil entering a residence near Dodge Boulevard and Fort Lowell Road. They attempted to make contact with him, but Mendivil ignored their attempts for several hours.

As Mendivil remained inside, the residence was evacuated, and police obtained a search warrant. Hostage negotiators were deployed over a public address system in an attempt to defuse the situation.

Investigators said five hours of failed negotiation lead the Tucson SWAT team to make the decision to breach the home's front door. Mendivil responded with gunfire at law enforcement, resulting in a gunfight.

Investigators stated that according to Tucson police policy, officers are permitted to discharge their firearms toward a known safe and unoccupied area to disrupt or alter the suspect's behavior while continuing to manage the threat. This tactic is exclusively authorized for use by SWAT team members with specialized training and only in extreme circumstances. This strategy was employed by SWAT to return fire, retreat from the residence, and deploy nonlethal options.

Mendivil continued shooting at offices in "sustained bursts" during the deployment of nonlethal equipment, according to the investigators.

The escalating situation prompted Tucson police to seek assistance from the Pima County Sheriff's Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety to resolve the standoff. The Sheriff's Department evacuated a nearby park that was at risk due to the gunfire.

SWAT teams breached the exterior wall of the house after several more hours of failed negotiations and continued gunfire from Mendivil, according to authorities.

Investigators said Mendivil was inside and had an AR-15 style rifle as well as a handgun, which he pointed toward his head during a final attempt at negotiation.

Mendivil shot himself before he could be detained and was taken to Banner University Medical Center, where he later died, according to authorities.

No law enforcement or members of the community were injured during the standoff.

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