Goose Creek Police release dash cam footage of brawl that led to 8 arrested

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The Goose Creek Police Department has released dash camera footage of a brawl that resulted in 8 arrests and an officer collapsing over the weekend.

The footage has been redacted due to the amount of nudity on the videos, said Chief LJ Roscoe with Goose Creek PD.

Chief Roscoe also said the bystander people are claiming who helped the downed officer in the incident instead looked and walked away to pick up a “tensa barrier” in front of the bar.

The bystander did not render medical aid, however another bystander did get equipment for the collapsed officer which can be seen on a video circulating social media.

An officer stopped at Two Keys Tavern on College Park Road for a security check around 11:30 p.m. Saturday and observed several females fighting at the entrance.

He attempted to stop the altercation and was able to detain one woman, according to Goose Creek PD. Many females surrounded him during this, kicking and punching him while he was on the ground.

The suspects then attempted to flee, and the officer deployed his taser that did not make contact with the suspects or himself. The officer then suffered a medical emergency and collapsed to the ground.

Backup law enforcement arrived and secured the scene. EMS took the officer, who collapsed, to the hospital for treatment. He was released and said to be OK by officials.

A television film crew for ‘On Patrol Live’ was traveling with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office when they responded to the incident.

Authorities used the dash cam video and witness video to identify seven female suspects and arrest them.

All arrested were taken to the Berkeley County Detention Center. Those arrests include:

Breona Wright, 27
Merical Cromer, 23
Darricka Richardson, 23
Jah’mya Robinson, 23
Elasia Wescott, 24
Anjatonia Brown, 23
Zy Monia Fleming, 25
De’ja Lee

Officials said six of the females are being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting/assaulting police, and two females are being charged with disorderly conduct.

Chief Roscoe said police are still attempting to identify a ninth suspect.

Roscoe also shared an update on the collapsed officer’s condition:

“After being treated at the hospital and receiving follow-up medical care today, it was determined that the medical condition that caused him to collapse was blood pressure related. Due to the fact that the officer was in a position on his knees for an extensive period of time, it restricted the blood flow to his lower extremities. This occurred at a time when his system was heightened with adrenaline due to the incident itself. When he jumped up suddenly, and the blood flow was restored to the lower extremities, it caused his blood pressure to plummet, causing him to collapse. This is 100% consistent with what is seen on our dash camera. “

That officer has been cleared to return to duty.

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