NYPD officer shoots through windshield at armed suspect during shootout and is taken into custody

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A gunman shot multiple times at NYPD officers as they were in a marked police vehicle in the East Village Thursday evening, according to police.

The officers were looking for a man who was said to be menacing people with a gun in the Alphabet City neighborhood just before 8 p.m., police said. As the cops spotted the suspect, multiple shots were fired at police on East 4th Street, between Avenue C and Avenue D.

All of the shots missed the officers, at least one of whom then returned fire. The suspect was also not struck by any gunfire, according to police.

It was not clear whether the suspect is the person who fired shots at the officers, police said. Bullet holes were seen in the windshield of the officer's SUV at the scene, but police said it's "unclear how those got there."

Officers were able to bring the man into custody shortly after, with charges pending against the suspect, who has not yet been identified.

No further details were immediately available. An investigation is ongoing.

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