Body-cam footage shows officers rescuing residents from roof of burning Algona home

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Body-cam footage from an Algona police officer showed the moments residents were rescued from a burning building on Sunday, Sept. 10.

“This was a very dangerous situation for those residents, and our officer had to respond quickly to help ensure everyone was evacuated safely,” said Algona Police Chief James Schrimpsher. This happened to be one of our newer officers, and we are proud of how professionally she responded in this situation.”

The officer worked with a colleague from the Pacific Police Department to alert residents of the fire and get them safely out of the burning home. Three of the building’s residents had escaped, but two others were still upstairs when officers arrived.

Local firefighters arrived to the 700 block of Celery Ave shortly after everyone had been evacuated. A total of eight people, seven adults and one child, were displaced. Two people were hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center with fire-related injuries.

A food smoker is believed to have been the cause of the fire, according to Algona Police Department.

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