Woman rescued from rushing flood waters in Apache Junction

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Police body camera video shows the dramatic moments a woman was rescued from rushing monsoon floodwaters in Apache Junction Thursday afternoon.

The video released from the Apache Junction Police Department shows two officers, one detention officer and a Mesa firefighter working to save the woman after she became stranded in Weekes Wash.

AJPD said they were able to rescue the woman safely but were unable to retrieve her dog from the water. Police said family and friends are still searching for the beloved pet.

Officials said on Thursday, the Apache Junction Police Department responded to 24 different calls for service related to flooding.

The additional flood-related calls included stranded motorists and water on roadways.

One woman told 12News she had to leave her home after it began to flood.

Heavy rain had been falling in the area for much of the afternoon and flash flooding had forced several road closures.

"I said I gotta go, I gotta go now, I have to get out now," the woman said after telling 12News the water was nearly two feet deep.

'I said, 'goodbye sweet home, I gotta go. I give it to you, Jesus,'" she said.

As the monsoon continues, police continue to remind the community to not drive on flooded roads.

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