++GRAPHIC++ The "Female accabadora" death's hammer

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New section of Speaky's channel about the mysteries and unknown things in Italy, translated from Wikipedia :
- The Sardinian term femina accabadora, femina agabbad├▓ra or, more commonly, agabbadora or accabadora (s'agabbad├│ra, lit. "she who ends", derives from the Sardinian s'acabbu, "the end" or from the Spanish acabar, "to end") denotes the historically unproven figure of a woman who was in charge of bringing death to people of any age, in the event that they were in conditions of illness such as to lead family members or the victim himself to request it.

In reality there is no evidence of this practice, which would have concerned some Sardinian regions such as (sorry, no names). The practice was not to be paid by the relatives of the sick person since paying to give death was contrary to religious dictates and superstition.

Legend has it that the killing practices used by the femina agabbadora varied depending on the place: enter the room of the dying person dressed in black, with his face covered, and kill him by suffocation with a pillow, or hitting him on the forehead through an olive stick (su matzolu) or behind the nape of the neck with a dry blow, or even strangling him by placing his neck between his legs. The most renowned tool would be a kind of wood hammer

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