Bodycam footage released of Anne Arundel Co. police shooting armed man in woods

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Body-worn camera footage has been released of a deadly police involved shooting last month in Anne Arundel County.

The incident happened overnight September 17 on Sands Road in Harwood.

Officers got a call there for domestic violence.

As police arrived, gunshots could be heard coming from the woods along the home's driveway.

Several minutes later, the video shows a man named Anthony Hopkins Sr. appearing from the woods armed with a gun.

Five Anne Arundel County officers on scene yell for Hopkins to drop the weapon.

At one point in the video, Hopkins can be seen turning the gun towards officers prompting them to fire multiple shots.

Despite coming under a hail of gunfire, Hopkins remains standing for several seconds. One camera angle shows him raising the gun again in the officers direction.

He eventually collapses and later dies. The assault victim who originally called police was treated at a hospital and released.

Officers Devers, Slayton, Dehn, Hanlon, and Metcalf have been identified as the officers who fired.

The Maryland Attorney General's Office says they are continuing their independent investigation into the shooting.

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