Henderson Police release body camera footage, 911 calls of hours long barricade

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The Henderson Police Department (HPD) is shedding some light on a barricade incident that ended with the suspect's death last month.

The incident began on Friday, April 12, and ended during the early hours of Sunday, April 14 at a home located near Galleria and Cadence Vista drives.

Police say they were trying to apprehend 31-year-old Trevor Cooper, who was wanted for various charges including kidnapping. When he refused to come out of the home, police began expanding their response efforts.

During a briefing posted by HPD Tuesday afternoon, police noted how technological resources, including robots and drones, were used during negotiations with Cooper. They would later become disabled due to his actions, police say.

Audio from the department's radio traffic was also added to the briefing video, in which an interaction between authorities can be heard after Cooper fired toward the SWAT team.

The shooting would later be seen on body cam video where Cooper can be heard telling officers to "get out" although he is not immediately seen in the video.

SWAT officers are then seen rushing back to the outside of the home. No officers were reportedly injured following the gunfire exchange.

Cooper would later be found dead just after midnight on Sunday. Towards the end of the video, HPD confirmed that Cooper did not display signs of trauma or gunshot wounds, and his cause of death was still pending.

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