Bodycam shows Dayton female officer stuck inside suspect's vehicle as he drives off, crashes

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A police officer was injured and a suspect bitten by a dog Monday night, following a traffic stop on the east side of Dayton.

Dayton Police say officers pulled over a car about 10 p.m. May 13 at Bierce Avenue and South Torrence Street for an expired license plate tag.

Officers said the driver was acting nervous and moving around, including moving items in the car.

According to a narrative provided by Dayton Police, one officer was running the vehicle's plates on the cruiser's computer, while the second officer asked the driver, identified as 30-year-old Antoine Still, to get out of the car.

Police say Still refused to comply and officers tried to remove him from the vehicle.

Police said Still then put the car in drive and accelerated while one officer was inside the vehicle, struggling with him. The car crashed into parked vehicles, before Still backed it up. One of the officers tried to open the passenger's side door, but it was locked. The vehicle then backed up and stopped. The second officer broke the passenger's side window but, according to police, the vehicle took off again and crashed into a tree, with the first officer still inside the car. The airbag deployed and Still then got out of the car and ran.

Body camera video shows the second officer give chase first and deploy a Taser as Still ran into a yard.

Still was eventually arrested after hiding nearby. Police say the suspect had been bitten by a dog in the neighborhood and was taken to a hospital to be treated before being taken to the Montgomery County Jail.

In the body camera video released by Dayton Police, Still repeatedly said his ribs were broken during the arrest. Police say that the suspect did not sustain any broken bones during the arrest, nor were bones broken before the encounter with the officers.

Still is facing Felonious Assault, Kidnapping, Possession of Drugs, and several misdemeanor charges.

The officer who was in the vehicle while Still drove away was injured during the incident and was treated at a hospital and released.

"Unfortunately, this is an example of how quickly situations can escalate and become dangerous for our officers," Dayton Police wrote in the narrative. "Fortunately, all parties involved in this incident were not more seriously injured."

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