'It nearly cost me my life!' Kayaker has terrifying experience after falling into sea off UK coast

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This kayaker had a terrifying experience after falling into the sea near Combe Martin, UK.

Matt had fallen off his kayak into the sea on June 19 and the moment was captured by a camera attached to the device.

"My first trip out on the sea almost cost me my life! I was cocky and believed my ability was more advanced than it was and that was a huge error on my part," Matt told Newsflare.

After falling into the water, Matt tried to get back onto the kayak but failed: "I had made the assumption that getting back in would be easy so didn’t bother practising beforehand! It turned out it’s not easy and with the bad conditions, I couldn’t get back in! The guy I was with tried helping and after a five-minute struggle he managed to turn my kayak back over. However, I was now starting to suffer from jellyfish stings, freezing water and exhaustion."

The pair decided the best course of action would be to swim to shore but that proved difficult.

"I suggested I would swim to shore so he only had to tow the weight of my kayak and not me as well and I set off however a few seconds in and waves hitting my face meaning I was taking in water, I panicked and realised I wouldn’t make it!

"I called him back and pressed the button on my VHF radio a button called the DSC or (digital selective calling) which once pressed sends my location and mayday automatically."

After around five minutes the pair had made it to the beach where the RNLI arrived shortly after.

"A coastguard helicopter flew above and two RNLI lifeboats arrived the smaller rib approached and took me back to the beach.

"If I had tried to kayak back I could have fallen again and with my hyperthermic and exhausted state, I would have surely lost my life!

"From pushing the button to being seen by the helicopter was just six minutes and the GPS location sent was just a few metres from where they found me so the radio saved my life that day.

So my message is to wear the correct clothing it may be warm on land but the sea will be cold! Take the correct safety kit! And always practise before setting out! Do a course if need be!

"I was in the water for nearly an hour that day and I captured the whole event start to finish the clip here is just a few sections."

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