Came to the Atlantic 'Bears'.

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After taxiing for flight
The ship will freeze on the runway
At the executive prayer: - Everything is on the map.
All eight screws are at stop.
Takeoff run. Breakaway. Turn. Kit.
And we will leave all the problems there - at the start.

The route is not laid out by sight,
We trust the navigator at one time,
There is no Internet here and Google is not available.
And how fifty years ago
Bombers like a parade
They go north, then go around the corner.

And like a letter, our board
Escort accompanies us
But there is no orchestral copper in the sky.
And somewhere in NATO headquarters
Ciphers are scribbled in a hurry: -
Russian 'Bears' are flying to the Atlantic!
'Bears' are flying to the Atlantic ...

Spilled coffee will burn
The bumpiness does not protect us,
The weather is bad, and the radar is full of flashes.
And in the fuselage there is a revolver -
It is made in the USSR,
The Yankees said it was 'Russian roulette'.

And instead of good news
KOU will report on the guests,
A couple of adversaries will hang at the planes.
They, too, are breaking through
And almost into a blister with our wing -
These greyhounds are usually from the States.

But the board will not change course,
Although our escort is impudent,
We send them home - to beloved ladies.
And somewhere in NATO headquarters
The alarm is beaten and everyone is on the run -
Russian 'Bears' have come to the Atlantic!
The 'Bears' came to the Atlantic ...

It's a pity there are no roads in the ocean
And for us he is like a haystack -
We need to find the damn needle in it.
And we are looking for risk and fear
Aircraft carrier on waves
But we will not find it - the whole task is useless.

And the cry 'I see, commander!'
Suddenly breaks the silent air
The iron box is already visible from above.
The admiral swears there,
The crunch will suit the job too,
And we are so happy - like little children.

An escort will swing our wings
Will send a report about the Russian board,
And our flight neighbors will clean up.
At their headquarters they will hang up,
They will only argue among themselves
When the Bears come to the Atlantic again.
The 'Bears' will come to the Atlantic ...

We're going on a date
We will find each other with the tanker,
And seven pots will do, but we'll catch the cone.
Although it's hard to keep the regime
We value every ton
And turbulence will increase our overall tone.

Our plane is humming, tired
He remembers different places -
Vietnam, Angola, Cuba and Guinea.
Fathers flew there before us
But if they gave us an order
We could definitely use it, because we - we can!

And the crew - he just could,
And let fatigue knock down
But we're so happy about our little victory
That we are not at all sleepy
The garrison does not sleep today -
The 'Bears' returned home from the Atlantic.

Come home 'Bears'...
They are waddling 'Bears'...
Home - favorite 'Bears'... 'Bears'... 'Bears'...

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Jararaka (736.90)

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