Chinese motorists drive alongside deliveryman to shield him from Typhoon Kompasu winds

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Two motorists stopped their cars beside a deliveryman to shield him from winds brought by typhoon Kompasu in southern China.

A heartwarming video filmed in the city of Haikou in Hainan Province on October 13 shows a car stopping beside a deliveryman to block the winds for him.

The motorist then said to the deliveryman: "Can you go to help that woman? Tell her to move forward and I will drive the car to block the winds for you."

In another clip, the deliveryman's delivery box was blown 100 metres away when he was about to help a female rider who fell down on the road.

The white car blocked the winds for the deliveryman for around half an hour until he took his delivery box back and lifted his scooter up. While a brown car also joined to block the winds for him.

The brown car then escorted the delivery man to leave and the white car stayed to help the female rider.

According to the white car driver Mr Sun, he spotted the female rider blown over by the strong winds from his balcony and went downstairs to drive his car to block winds for her.

Sun finally persuaded the female rider to leave her scooter and brought her to the security booth to avoid the winds.

The video was provided by local media with permission.

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