Moscow. 2016 & 2019.

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In February 2016, I went to Moscow for a friend's birthday, but he was forced to stay at work (head of the IT department of one of the corporations), and I had two hours of free time. I went down to the subway and went to Red Square - I hadn’t been there for thirty years.
I took a walk, drank coffee, and saw people at the Kremlin wall. I got interested. I went up to the police officers who were on duty in the square and asked how to get there. They explained and I went.

It turns out that the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the American journalist, writer and reporter John Silas Reed, and the Soviet rocket designer Sergei Korolev, and many other famous people are buried in the Kremlin wall.
Burial of the ashes of the dead in the Kremlin is a great honor.

I also entered the Lenin Mausoleum, but photography is prohibited there.
Well, then we met with a friend and went to drink beer.

Then, in 2019, I went to Moscow with my son - he had never been there.
We also went to Red Square, and I had collisions with the policeman - I had a rather big knife on my belt))) Accordingly, I was not allowed to pass.
But I found a way out - I found the staff car, talked to the chief of security, and he led me behind the police fence.

Then my son and I walked along the Arbat, at the same time and had a snack in one of the restaurants, walked around Moscow, and, of course, looked at Moscow City. The DNA skyscraper is quite impressive. Well, in the evening we returned to Ryazan on a passing horse.

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