A podcast about the latest news in padcasting. What it is, what it means, and other related news.

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Dealfigure Entertainment is the world's first podcast about real life self-improvement and street education. We cover self-improvement and education from a variety of perspectives, including history, philosophy, science, and more, to help you improve your life and your work. You might ask who I let explain little people's friendship with you. I was born on the island of Jamaica. I moved to America. I put in twenty years of hard work in the city that never sleeps. That means I will spend most of my life here in beautiful America.

I grew up around DJs playing in backyard parties and clubs. I joined groups of Jamaican recording artists in the 1990s, and I grew up performing on many stage shows in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Respect to the original record label, VP Record, and all of the artists from Donone and Simbol Studios. Right here in Jamaica, Queens, I was speaking to the people singing and trying to illuminate their earthly minds from when I was a child.

Fourteen years ago, I started speaking and posting videos online. Many of my videos are blocked and deleted. If you stop reading this article and Google, Yahoo Dealfigure Entertainment, or Styafiya, you will see that I teach men and women and children.
The government owns all of my original work. Give the order to redo and steal all the way. I'm writing songs and videos. Knowledge When I contacted international law, I wrote them twenty-five complaint letters of truth that changed my whole life.

I created it to share how I feel about standing up for myself and others. I share topics that many people will discuss and disagree with. I speak both English and Jamaican.

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