Mequon bodycam shows SWAT officer shot, killed Pietro La Licata after he shot at neighbor & officers

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Newly released body camera video shows a shootout between Mequon police and a homeowner.

It happened May 17 at a home near Riverland and Bonniwell roads.
A police officer shot and killed the homeowner. The Ozaukee County district attorney said the officer was justified.

In the video, two Mequon police officers responding to a residence on Bonniwell Road are seen taking shelter behind a tree.

"He's at the rear of the residence. Looks like he's got a gun in his hands. He's coming out," an officer said in the video.

Investigative reports say the officers responded to the home of Pietro La Licata after he reportedly shot at his next-door neighbor who was mowing their lawn.

The reports say soon after police arrived, La Licata stepped outside and shot at officers.

A report by the Ozaukee County district attorney said police told a neighbor to stay in their home during the incident.

That neighbor declined to talk to WISN 12 News Tuesday.

According to the report, it's not the first time police have been called to La Licata's home.

The report reveals a lengthy history between law enforcement and La Licata.

The district attorney says police records show 27 calls for service to La Licata's home over the past 40 years.

The neighbor La Licata shot at told investigators he'd been acting increasingly paranoid,
accusing the neighbor of spying on La Licata with secret cameras and threatening other neighbors, sometimes firing his gun outside.

In one of the body camera videos, one of the officers can be heard asking for permission to shoot La Licata.

The officer killed La Licata in one shot.

The officer who fired the fatal shot had been on administrative duty. WISN 12 News is working to confirm when he or she returns to full duty.

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