Wild dash and body cam video shows Bayshore Kohl's retail theft led to a high-speed police chase

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Wild dash camera and body camera video shows how a Bayshore Kohl's retail theft led to a high-speed police chase.

Driving into oncoming traffic, Glendale police say a black SUV reached speeds of nearly 90 miles an hour on Tuesday, Aug. 8. This, before the driver crashed into a construction zone – and tried to take off on foot.

Police say what prompted this police chase is what went down inside the Bayshore Kohl's.

Police say 29-year-old Lilcherry Gallion ran out of Kohl's that Tuesday morning with more than $1,300 of stolen merchandise.

Glendale officials say Gallion then jumped into the SUV with 27-year-old Robert Hill, the man accused of being the getaway driver. Officers surrounded the vehicle in an attempt to stop the two from leaving the parking lot. But Hill slammed into two squads and a parked vehicle before speeding away.

The SUV led the police chase for more than a mile-and-a-half with four flat tires – striking another car along the way. Moments later, near Port Washington and Hampton, the driver lost control.

Both Hill and Gallion were arrested along with a third woman, 18-year-old Velicity McBride, also accused of stealing back at the store. All three face charges of felony retail theft. Hill faces four additional charges including hit-and-run injure, fleeing an officer and causing damage to property, first-degree recklessly endangering safety, and resisting an officer.

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