Pickaway County deputy rescues woman who crashed into garage

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Body camera video shows a deputy with the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office rescuing a woman who crashed her car into a garage earlier this week.

According to a crash report, deputies responded to the 11000 block of Winchester Road for a report of a vehicle that crashed into a detached garage and caught on fire Wednesday night.

The deputy's bodycam video shows him running to the garage, and a woman can be heard yelling for help.

The woman can be seen crawling out of the passenger side window, saying she needs help and that her ankle is broken.

After a few minutes, the deputy and the woman were able to get out of the garage.

The woman was the only person in the car when she crashed.

The crash report says she was driving westbound on Marcy Road, failed to stop at a stop sign, went airborne over a drainage ditch, through a front yard and crashed into the side of the garage. The woman said she tried to brake, but hit a patch of black ice and lost control of her car.

After the rescue, the video shows flames reaching the top of the garage and seriously damaging the building.

The woman was cited with failure to control and driving under suspension. She was also treated for her injuries.

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