Indian River deputies chase a bank robbery suspect which caused a school lockdown

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Video was released in the capture of an alleged bank robber who had four different law agencies working together to catch him.

David Abram Ziesel, 44, of Port St. Lucie was arrested by the Indian River County Sheriff's Office (IRSCO) after he was accused of robbing an iThink Financial Bank on January 25.

The bank robbery happened only two blocks away from Fellsmere Elementary School, which was placed on lockdown out of precaution.

The robbery prompted a response from the IRCSO, Fellsmere Police Department, the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Somehow, the robber escaped with a pillowcase of an undisclosed amount of cash, fleeing in a Mazda Miata and leading a high-speed chase into St. Lucie County. Additional deputies along with the Florida Highway Patrol troopers became involved in the pursuit. It eventually ended after the man crashed into another driver.

Ziesel is no stranger to the law with an extensive criminal history, deputies said, discovering the man was currently on federal probation for an armed bank robbery he committed in Ohio, back in 2019.

Video shows deputies pursuing Ziesel on a highway and onto residential streets before he crashed into another vehicle amid his escape.

Deputies can be heard shouting at Ziesel to get out of the vehicle before they surround him with guns drawn. He's then pulled out of the car and apprehended by deputies.

He faces one count of unarmed robbery in Indian River County. Further charges are pending, the sheriff's office said.

None of the employees at the iThink Financial Bank were harmed, and it remained closed for the remainder of that day. The stolen money was recovered.

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