Weekend Cinema - Snowdrift At Bleathe Gill 1955

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A Classic piece of Railway Malarkey here - A British Film Institute of the highest order no less so, if, Rail Related Media isn't your bag you are advised to Michael Jackson outahere...

Right with that out of the way, a classic here from 1955 - during these days it snowed like this most winters and this year was particularly harsh... at 04:20 a freight consist got stuck in deep blizzards at Bleathe Gill so two snowploughs and associated engines were sent to assist only conditions were so harsh they too became marooned... they were at Stainemore Summit one of the highest points on the LMS at the time (1370 feet above sea level) a couple of dozen men were loaded up and off they went to rescue the stuck stock. (04:15....time for a cuppa and a drag from a Capstan Full Strength) most of 'em didn't even wear gloves...soy-boys of today would stand no chance... the engine was red-hot when it got stuck so as it cooled it froze solid.

Note: Caveats abound - You Know The Thing.

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