Marion County deputies catch two thieves leaving the scene of the crime

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Marion County deputies arrest two men after spotting them leaving the scene of a possible burglary in progress.

On, Dec. 28, 2023, Deputies Bondank and Bloom responded to the Salt Springs Boat Marina, located at 15711 NE 134th Place in Ft. McCoy after receiving a call about a possible burglary in progress.

When the deputies arrived, the saw a white pickup truck leaving the marina entrance and attempted a traffic stop.

These thieves, later identified as Dylan Brockett and Deano Littlefield, fled from deputies, and eventually crashed into a tree.

Deputies said the driver, Brockett ran from deputies, but was caught by deputy Bloom not from the crash.

Littlefield and another passenger were detained while deputies continued their investigation.

According to a news release, security footage from the marina showed Brockett and Littlefield entering a boat off the dock with a screwdriver and taking apart the engine.

Detectives later learned that the duo attempted to steal an outboard motor, a gas can be containing gas (which they used to fill up the truck), and a self-service pay device.

Both were arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail.

Littlefield is being charged with multiple counts including, burglary of a structure, grand theft, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, as well as a few others.

Littlefield also picked up extra charges for a burglary case in April 2023. In that case, Littlefield had broken into a home, stole firearms, and then sold them. He is being held on an $85,000 bond.

Brockett is being charges with fleeing and eluding, burglary of a structure, petit theft, criminal mischief among others.

Brockett is being held on a $58,000 bond.

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