Dallas Police Department shares bodycam footage of officer being shot by murder suspect while serving warrant

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The Dallas Police Department Monday released new body camera footage of the moment when a capital murder suspect opened fired on officers and U.S. Marshals when they were serving a warrant. One officer was injured in the shooting.

“This suspect had already shown no regard for human life and tried to murder us last Thursday. Fortunately, [we're] here today, instead of talking about an officer who died,” Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said during a press conference.

For three minutes, Dallas police officers and federal Marshals knocked and announced themselves while trying to get capital murder suspect, 20-year-old Jordan Owens, out of an apartment on Thursday, Nov. 16.

But instead of coming out, the new bodycam footage shows Owens started shooting at them.

Police said officers returned fire and moved downstairs from the apartment.

Dallas Police Officer, Sr. Cpl. Edgar Morales, was hit in the leg during the shootout.

Police also said Owens started throwing things at officers from the apartment window.

Officers returned fire again.

Garcia confirmed what WFAA reported last week that the suspect was armed with a Glock switch, which converts a gun into a machine gun.

"It’s a small device that allows semi to fire auto,” said Garcia.

Police said a man and a woman were inside the apartment as Owens was firing. The woman called 911 during the shooting asking officers not to fire back because they were inside.

“Are you letting them know because we are not trying to get shot here,” said the caller.

Garcia said Owens fired more than 20 rounds at officers. Owens was shot and eventually taken into custody.

Garcia says his department is looking into officers' tactics that day. The task force did not have a no-knock warrant and announced themselves.

“This is a chance to step back and be grateful we didn’t lose an officer. The officers did an amazing job,” said Garcia.

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