Police release bodycam footage of officer shooting man in Columbus who ran from a traffic stop

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The Columbus Division of Police released body camera footage on Monday showing an officer shooting a man over the weekend who ran from a traffic stop.

Dashcam video shows officers following a black truck around 3 p.m. After following the truck for about a minute, the driver, later identified as 66-year-old Michael Cleveland, drove into an alley on Wilson Avenue and parked behind a building. It's unclear if police activated their lights while the officers were following him.

The dashcam footage shows that Cleveland got out of his vehicle and started running away from police. Officer Joshua Ohlinger started chasing him.

Ohlinger's body camera video shows he had his stun gun pulled out, but then pulled out his firearm a second later.

Cleveland ran in between two buildings and that's where Ohlinger fired six times, striking Cleveland at least once.

In a press conference Monday, police slowed down the video, which shows Cleveland dropping an object on the right side of his body. Police said the object he dropped was a handgun.

After being struck, Cleveland fell to the ground. Ohlinger told Cleveland to show him his hands, to which Cleveland said he can't. Ohlinger then asked where the gun was. Cleveland replied that he threw it.

The officers handcuffed Cleveland before rendering aid. He was later taken to Grant Medical Center in critical condition. Police described his condition on Monday as stable.

When asked why police were trying to stop Cleveland, Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said BCI will get the officer's statements and make that determination

According to Franklin County Municipal Court records, Cleveland was charged with having weapons while under disability. The records say Cleveland was in possession of a SIG Sauer .40-caliber pistol.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is handling the investigation. Once BCI completes its investigation, the organization will send its case to the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office, who will then present the case to a grand jury for possible charges. Bryant said any recommendations for suspensions or termination will be determined by the safety director.

This is the second time within six months, Ohlinger, a five-year veteran with the division, fired his weapon and shot someone.

During a traffic stop in August 2022, two officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a moving violation. After initiating the stop, the officers aired shots fired and one person fled the scene.

Body camera footage shows Ohlinger open his door and fire shots at two male suspects who fled from the backseat of the vehicle, hitting a 17-year-old.

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