Wyandotte police make life-saving rescue after fiery crash by suspect

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A dangerous driver got into a fiery crash during a police chase in Wyandotte - and moments later -- a heroic rescue was caught on body cam last Thursday.
"Get a fire extinguisher," the officer said on video."Get him out of the car."

It was then that Wyandotte police switched gears into rescue mode.

"The officers observed this vehicle driving like a complete maniac," said Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton.

The driver had been going at speeds more than 116 miles per hour, all before the jeep turned into a fireball. Behind the wheel, the suspect – 28-year-old Karar Nasser Al-Bedairi - was wanted on 15 warrants.

"Including burglary, strangulation, (and) assault with a deadly weapon," said Hamilton.

His warrants are what led Wyandotte police to pursue him through four cities, until he hit a pole at Oakwood and Fort.

After he crashed, the flames were spreading and Al-Bedairi was unconscious at the wheel, stuck inside.

"He's on fire," said an officer as he yanked on the door.

"Get a fire extinguisher, yelled another.

Officers knew, the clock ticking – this was about to blow - as they rushed the burning car with extinguishers.

"Get him out of the car," said another officer.

Seconds after dragging him to safety, there was a pop sound and the car erupted.

"He was treated for some minor, non-life threatening injuries," Hamilton said. "And he was brought back to jail where he belongs.

"Ultimately, he was arraigned on several charges."

Hamilton says he couldn’t be more proud of these officers, for putting their own lives on the line, to save a life.

"Their heroic efforts were able to ensure this guy will see another day," he said.

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