Police officers on horses go into pursuit chasing a driver on mobile phone

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Video footage shows the moment that two police officers on horses sprang into action to enforce the rules about using a phone whilst driving. You can see them stopping the vehicle below:

Now, we all know the rules about using your phone when you’re in the car. You’re not even supposed to be touching them, let alone using them or speaking on them.

However, people are still doing it and the police have to find ways to stop them.

One such way that we’ve now seen them try is on the back of horses, as these two officers for Avon and Somerset Police decided to do.

They were wearing body cameras when one of the officers spotted the man driving along on his phone, so decided to turn around and go after him.

There are two angles showing the moment that the two big police horses closed in on the vehicle, which – to be fair – must have been quite an intimidating experience for the driver.

He shouldn’t be on his phone, but perhaps he’ll remember the sight of two police officers on horseback running his car down in the future.

One thing he also might remember is the fine and penalty points that come if you’re caught using your phone when driving.

The man seemed to plead that he had a problem with one of his children when he was pulled over, but the officers just reminded him that he shouldn’t have been touching or using the device whilst driving his car.

If there’s a call you absolutely have to take, find somewhere safe and stop the car.

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