Body cam footage reveals Rep. Claudia Ordaz exchange during DWI stop in Austin

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Body camera footage shows El Paso state representative Claudia Ordaz talking to an Austin officer during a DWI stop, along with another Texas lawmaker in February.

Ordaz was the passenger in the vehicle.

The other lawmaker who was driving was republican state senator Charles Schwertner.

Police officials said he was intoxicated and was arrested for DWI.

Ordaz: "These lanes are honestly terrible."

Officer: "It's the lanes' fault?"

Ordaz: "Well, they're super narrow."

Schwertner: "Yeah, they are."

Officer: "You all were taking the whole street pretty much. I have it on camera. You all were driving in between the two lanes."

Ordaz: "We didn't notice that, I'm so sorry."

Schwertner: "We were out... I was picking her up from the airport, and then we went out to dinner."

Officer: "Okay, cool. Do you have a driver's license and proof of insurance?"

Ordaz: "This is actually my place."

Officer: "Yeah, all I'm worried about is the way you're all driving is you're literally in the middle of two lanes."

The incident happened in February around 1 a.m. in Ordaz's neighborhood.

Ordaz gave the following statement:

“I had no involvement in this matter other than being a passenger at the time of this incident several months ago and was fully cooperative with authorities at all times. I regret this incident occurred, and in the future, I will use more caution to prevent this type of unfortunate circumstance.“

The charges against Schwertner were dropped due to lack of evidence.

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