Annapolis releases body cam footage from 2021 involving death of Renardo Green

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After the Office of State's Attorney finalized review in the matter of the death of Renardo Green, the city of Annapolis released redacted Annapolis Police body worn camera footage from the June 1, 2021, call for service.

In mid-February, the State's Attorney determined Green's death was not criminal in nature. As a result of the review, the State's Attorney will not request a law enforcement agency to seek charges related to Green's death.

The video shows Green being restrained by officers after suffering an injury.

Multiple officers attempt to restrain him while he yells obscenities.

After being loaded into an ambulance, care was given to Green until he died.

“It is our goal that accountability be a priority in our public safety team’s interactions with residents. At the request of the State’s Attorney, we held off on releasing footage during the investigative phase. Now that the investigation is complete, we want to be as transparent as possible, and we are releasing the footage to both Mr. Green’s family and the public,” said Mayor Gavin Buckley. “I know our emergency response personnel are dedicated professionals who work to deliver quality care to residents. I believe the video footage demonstrates this and provides the full context of the emergency response. I also want to acknowledge the pain experienced by Mr. Green’s family and friends in the wake of these tragic circumstances and offer them my sincere condolences.”

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