Police issue misdemeanor summons to woman who made claim of police impersonator

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A woman who said she believed it was a police impersonator who pulled her over in Sulphur has now been issued a misdemeanor summons by the Sulphur Police Department.

Sulphur officials say the claims she made didn’t add up with what was seen on body and dash cam from the stop.

Diondra Evans called the Sulphur Police Department on Aug. 17 to make a complaint about being pulled over by a man pretending to be a law enforcement officer, according to Major Jason Gully.

Louisiana State Police have since said that it was a state trooper who pulled Evans over for speeding. The trooper did not give her a ticket, though, only a warning.

Upon viewing body and dash cam footage from the stop, Det. Jeremy Cain “verified that most of the details in Evans’ statement were false,” Gully said.

After Det. Cain spoke with the Calcasieu District Attorney’s Office, on Aug. 24, Evans was issued a misdemeanor summons for criminal mischief/giving of any false report or complaint.

“The Sulphur Police Department takes reports of impersonating a police officer very seriously because it is not only a safety issue for the public but also a safety issue for law enforcement,” Gully said.

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