LAPD fatally shoots suspect who bailed out in a police chase then pulled out a gun, reached for it

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On May 5, 2023, around 12:40 a.m., uniformed patrol officers assigned to Southeast Patrol Division were conducting directed crime suppression in the area of Manchester Boulevard and Hoover Street.

The officers observed a Hispanic female at an ATM along with a Hispanic male, later identified as Hector Macias, standing behind her.

The officers engaged Macias in a conversation from their police vehicle. Based on Macias’ demeanor, the officers formulated the opinion that Macias was possibly armed with a handgun. Macias and the female then abruptly entered a white Mercedes-Benz parked next to them, being driven by another Hispanic male, and quickly sped away.

The officers immediately initiated a vehicle pursuit for a “415 Man with a Gun.” The Mercedes entered the 110 North Freeway, proceeded to the 10 East Freeway, and exited on Maple Avenue where Macias got out of the vehicle. The Mercedes then continued to drive away from the location.

The officers made contact with Macias and ordered him to stop as he ran away, and Macias failed to comply with the officers’ commands. The officers exited their police vehicle and initiated a foot pursuit.

As the officers ran after Macias, Macias tripped and fell in an open lot underneath the freeway. The officers caught up to Macias and a struggle ensued as Macias attempted to remove an unknown object from a satchel slung over his chest. Macias then produced a firearm from the satchel, and an officer-involved shooting occurred.

Macias was struck by gunfire and transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced deceased.

A grid search of the area for the pursued Mercedes was conducted by responding officers and the airship unit, but neither the vehicle nor the additional occupants were located. One officer sustained minor abrasions to his left hand.

The Forensic Science Division personnel from the Firearm Analysis Unit responded, rendered the firearm safe and recovered it from the scene. The analysis revealed the semi-automatic firearm at the scene was loaded.

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