Decatur police release dash, bodycam video of officers fatally shooting an armed robbery suspect

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In a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Decatur Police Chief Shane Brandel provided more information and presented dash-camera and body-camera footage of the shooting incident that killed 38-year-old Rocky Dupin.

Rocky Dupin was seen on surveillance camera footage robbing the Decatur Discount store for a glass pipe worth approximately $5 on March 18. Police were able to identify Dupin later that afternoon because he was wearing the same clothing.

In the released footage, officers stopped Dupin and commanded him to get on the ground. Dupin did get on the ground initially, but then got back up, pulled out a BB replica gun from his jacket. Two officers, Officer Dawson Roberts and Officer Tanner Brummitt, can be heard yelling repeated warnings to Dupin before firing multiple shots at Dupin.

Dupin was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Brandel did confirm last week the weapon was a BB gun, but Brandel defended the officers for reasonably believing at the time the gun was real.

“They were in an exposed position,” Brandel said. “In their mind, they fired their weapons to save their lives. It’s completely irrelevant in the terms of the use of force of that the gun wasn’t real.”

Brandel also showed the Amazon page for the BB gun Dupin pulled on the officers. The gun is described as a “replica of a 357 SnubNose.”

“This is designed to look like a real gun,” Brandel said of the BB gun.

Brandel also noted Dupin had a long history of mental health issues and drug abuse problems. He said the department has a history with him since 2018.

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